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To explain about me I need to give a little preliminary.  It might seem to be what is known as "woo woo", but as you read further it will make sense and the proof is here too.

I have 3 spirit guides, they are multidimensional and can also be called ET guides.  One is a "Blue Man", another I call "the Light Lady", and the other one reminds me of the standard ET like the one seen on Spielberg's tv series "Taken", so I just call him the ET guide.  The ET guide is the leader of the group. I tried to think of a name for my ET guide, and one day came up with the name Mawghtoo, but thought, "No, that doesn't sound right.  I'll just call him ET Guide." The other 2 guides I call The Blue Guide or Blue man, and The Light Lady.  The ET guide and The Light Lady are of a very high dimension.  The Blue man is of a slightly lower dimension, but still the Blue Man's dimension is leaps and bounds above earth's dimension.

I have been going to Peet's Coffee Shops regularly for awhile now and have been getting access codes for internet access while there. I often get many insights from these access codes - often the codes have meanings for me.  One day in 2009 I got this access code:
I immediately thought this was telling me my ET guides were around 2 thousand years ago. What's the implication of this?  I had gotten similar messages in other ways during the 80's.

My dad died December 9th 2011.  For the next 2 Weeks my dad was so apologetic for not being there for me when he was alive.  In fact, my dad was quite the drain on me, his only son, and the last of 6 children.  It was good that my dad died then, so that I could move on.

Then a few months later in winter/spring 2012 my ET Guide was near me, I felt him with me. At that point my dad came as if to whisper in my ear. Very focused my dad told me about my ET Guide, "Pay attention to this guy!! They don't get any bigger than this!"

Wow!  They don't get any bigger than this lead guide of mine?!?!!  Thanks.

One day I got three profound access codes from Peet's Coffee Shop, all three access codes the same day.  The first access code was
ET HE! THE ET!!  They wanted me to focus on my ET Guide.  Okay.

A couple hours later needing another internet access code, here's what I got:
"Hey that's the name I came up with for my ET Guide - Mahwgtoo.  (I thought of Mahwgtoo 4 years prior.) He wants me to call him Mahwgtoo?....... I don't really like that name. I think I'll just call him ET Guide."

My 2 hours was up and I needed another internet access code.  I got this access code:
My ET Guide's name is Zyac!! "His name is Zyac!!  Z-eye-ack!  I like that name. Wow,.... Zyac.  Now look the name over:  My dad said "They don't get any bigger than this!".  ZY = the omega.  AC = the alpha.  Another message in Zyac's name. Z: Y AC? = [Zyac: "WhY Alternating Current?"]
"The majority of humanity fails to understand that unseen forces surrounding them are affecting their ability to survive. These are hidden within the "modern" conveniences powered by alternating electrical current; through radio, television, and many other low frequency emanations that now alter the individual's and the planet's magnetic fields to an unimaginable degree." pg 3. Becoming

Was I someone of prominence 2 thousand years ago? I can't say I was or wasn't.  I have no remembrance of it.  (Who was a person of prominence 2K years ago with the initials JC?)

Although I like anonymity, the mission is far too important.  Perhaps you would like to know my views on things.
- Ross Purviance

About Us - The Endorsement
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One day I got real angry at the continuous (attempting of) erosions of freedoms so I wrote the following and sent it to various governing entities the week of Veteran's Day weekend 2010. I had already sent the composition to a few (supposedly) "elected" "officials" and was contemplating sending it to police departments around the country.  I woke one morning and my ET guide said to me, "Send it.  I'll protect you."  I decided to send it.  Happy to do so.  Here is the email I sent out:

A Christmas Carol/The Day the Earth Stood Still


To those who's aim is getting rid of the basic freedoms of the inhabitants of this planet, may you have millions of lifetimes before you receive another chance at the human birth. Like attracts like, what you give is what you get. Your goal of the imprisonment and enslavement of this planet and Her inhabitants warrants the imprisonment of your own souls, starting with worms and maggots and all the insects and plants you have extinguished from this beautiful planet and the fish in the sea. I am here to ensure that justice will be done. Justice will be no matter how much you strive otherwise. I have no fight with anyone on this planet.

The biggest abusers of this, our home base are the military, oil companies, drug and chemical companies, propaganda media, bankers and their bought and paid for governments and those nefarious secret governments that confiscate inventions in the name of "National Security".

"Shall any fragments be destroyed? All fragments of the Creator's awareness must be accounted for. Those aspects that have chosen to experience extreme imbalance are put into a space that is something like exile. It is not a burning hell as used to frighten you into submission, but a space of separation to consider and to contemplate. Beyond knowing that this experience exists, it is unnecessary to know more for it is between those and their own inner Spirit. " pg 66

"All fragments must return to the Source from which they were focused (projected) in order for that Source to remain in the balance of wholeness. That is not to say that those that have perpetrated this distorted experience to the extreme will not have some interesting educational experiences, for certainly they shall. Your perception of time does not allow you to contemplate such a process, so do not attempt to do so." pg 81

"A polarity always exists within the format of this ever-present energy, however it does not have to be present in the format of what you perceive as evil, dark forces. That opposite polarity is another subject. What you must understand is that what appears to be the opposite polarity in the experience of planet Earth is an aberration, a distorted use of this polarity in energy. It is the exception, not the norm." pg 83 Handbook for the New Paradigm (Book 1)

"If mankind, male and female is to transcend this seemingly endless chasing of its tail through generations of suffering, then it must stop creating victims and being victims. It must grasp and understand that its purpose is the veneration, education and development of the awareness of its connection to its source, the tiny computer chip, the segment of creation itself that is their self awareness! The I AM that I AM awareness that is who and what each and every human being is, whether male or female, black, white, red, yellow or brown, earthling or alien. This awareness comes into "beingness" and through recurring experience quickly or slowly learns what it is taught, but not how to return from whence it came fulfilled. It is influenced totally by the parenting it receives through out its numerous experiences not only by others, but most importantly of all by itself. It accepts or rejects its opportunities to harmonize with its source and to extend that expansive energy into its choices of experience through attitudes and decisions.

It is not a simplistic process and thus cycles of experience are supplied over long periods to provide this process. To grasp the understanding that each is an individual extension of wholeness, likened to a cell within a body, in which all are individual yet part of a focused wholeness within a greater wholeness is an imperative. Just as within the human body, if cells attack and destroy the essential organs, the body cannot survive. Humanity must understand that it can no longer continue to destroy its own without destroying the wholeness that contains it. It must stop destroying the planet that nurtures it as well as each other. Repeating the same destructive patterns without transcending them is causing the sustaining planet, solar system and galaxy disease, imbalance and disharmony. The creator focus of this galaxy has the choice of helping this happen for all that are willing to accept this help and putting all those who purposefully refuse in a holding space so that the cooperative are no longer held back by the uncooperative. It is as simple as that and mankind is now facing this choice.

Teachers will not be put in a position to again become martyred victims for the purposes of those who are addicted to control and exploitation of their fellow humans. This will be a grass roots movement and will spread among the willing people who will grasp the understanding of who and what they are and change their consciousness accordingly. These will then spread the understanding among themselves and become their own teachers. The messages will be short and simple and each will apply them in their own way or not. Each will assume responsibility and will spread the teaching to all that are willing to accept and allow those who choose otherwise to go their own way. The time of self-awareness and personal responsibility that will allow the transcendence of this hopeless situation into a new paradigm of experience is now or the holding space is prepared and awaiting. It is opportunity or threat as your attitude determines." pg 32
Embracing the Rainbow

"Eternity, as this cosmic cycle is called, is a very long sequential
time in your counting to learn lessons ignored and refused."

"The urge for expansive behavior is present within the living
aspect of all creation.  Only the self-aware have the privilege of
freewill.  That aspect of privilege contains the pitfall for exploita-
tion of lesser expressions of creation. The inhabitants of this
planet have created luxury and poverty through the use and abuse
of the natural resources of this singularly beautiful planet.
Distortion and ignorance, whether chosen or thrust upon intelli-
gent beings, brings havoc and imbalance in ever widening effects.
The personal choice to accept responsibility to change this carries
the hope of this branch of humanity to transcend all of this while
there is yet opportunity.  Turning away from this opportunity
will carry with it the consequences that naturally accompany it
through the law of attraction.  Eternity, as this cosmic cycle is
called, is a very long sequential time in your counting to learn
lessons ignored and refused.  All help possible and beyond the
normal process is being given now.  The opportunity to literally
leap ahead and bridge the lost chances of advancement is avail-
able for the taking.  It is hoped that as many as possible can and
will answer the call."
Embracing the Rainbow

Subversive Groups (in USA)

You are now at the critical place in the script. It is time to write in the shift of momentum from the bad guys to the hero so that he can experience that unexpected twist of the story line that allows for his harrowing escape leaving the bad guys holding the bag. Let us hope that this is not a Superman or secret agent adventure in which again there is no end to the bad guy and another adventure between them is waiting in the wings. You have already experienced those scripts. Again you have missed the point of the movies. Do you feel that sense of satisfaction of evil vanquished when you leave that genre of movie? That is the point of it. To always leave you with the idea that evil remains no matter what you do. Were not your experiences in Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm outward depictions of this same frustrating movie? All wars have this same result; it has just not been part of the plan until recently to flaunt it so plainly for you to see. Your ability to discern and react is being tested over and over. Why else would items of what is being "sanctioned" (withheld) from innocent people in Iraq be published in your newspapers. What do these items for personal use of individual innocent people have to do with the prevention of war preparations? These lists were published worldwide. How do you think the people, who uphold

their degenerate president who is instigating this, are thought of by the rest of the world? A new movie genre is being released now. In these your people are being held accountable. These depict surges of justifiable retribution (terrorism) and are being planted in the minds of those of other countries. Their ideal of America as the Light of the world is being destroyed by your diplomacy of arrogance toward other countries' right of self-determination. These punishments are seen as appropriate by them for they are unable to resist this injustice on a larger scale. The disturbances used as excuses to interfere within the borders of other countries are made to give the appearance that there is a necessity to intervene for the good of the citizens. These contrived situations are a hoax, created by subversive groups like the CIA. The resultant aftermath of your American intervention is hardly what you are told it is. Guilt at having been used as a tool will not serve to end this charade. Do not waste your time on it. Resolve to be a part of the solution in order that this error in perception may be rectified.

The wakeup call is being sounded and the internal intuitional agitation to shed the skin of this deceptive controlled experience has begun in earnest. The time of choosing to move with the flow of Creation or to remain stuck within the hoax is upon all of humanity. Education, as it is known, is not an advantage. It is within each self-awareness that this process will take place. All are equal in opportunity in this process. Believe that! Purity of response outweighs educational degrees. Those who know the least of what is going on will hear first. You have been educated into the deception that provides the grease upon the wheels of their plans. You have been fooled into supporting them as they carried forth their plans that so far have been focused upon the uneducated and those unable to oppose the power you are giving the manifested evil ones through consent by believing their lies.

Military Aggression, "Indoctrination"

Listening to the media reports of the situation in the "world at large"each is given the impression that ominous events portend the future and nothing of great danger is eminent at the center of  "democracy's bastions."  Only distant areas of ethnic unrest are subject to volatile situations of violence.  These areas are chosen to exploit because there are few people to people connections between the people of the USA and people in those countries. Yet through military "assistance" the USA is involved to a far greater degree than any of the other members of the UN coalition.  With your approval of these acts by default, the perceived image of the USA has been transformed in the eyes of the world from the home of the brave and free to that of the home of the dark avenger, satan.  All this has taken place in a gradual transition that has been and continues to be purposely apparent in all areas of the world but in the USA.  Those caught up in the

aggression and those in the watching world assume that this transition has your full and complete approval.  Understanding that communication as it now exists was birthed in the affluent USA, it is then assumed that surely its citizens are fully informed and therefore are the impetus of the transition into this aggressive mode. It is incomprehensible to those in the rest of the world that these citizens are as a whole unaware that the aggressive acts are anything but benevolent "help" for there is little if any frame of reference for what those in war torn areas are suffering.
Embracing the Rainbow  (Book 2)

Where are the stories of the military personnel that return home who could confirm this claim?  Each sees but a small segment of the whole picture.  Indoctrination and mind control within the military is far more sophisticated than is possible with the general public. After discharge from the military services and a period of time away from these practices many of those involved begin to disassociate from the mind control effects and find themselves mentally and emotionally unstable.  Help, other than drugs, to sort out the indoctrinated "suggestions" from the actual experiences is unavailable through government agencies and many are unable to function in the civilian world. They are left with the choice to either rejoin the military or cope in what ever way they can.  Few if any have the finances or are able to find outside psychiatric help that comprehends the basis of their dilemmas.  The programming of your beloved children is carefully designed to fit the categories of the future roles they will play in these armed intrigues of aggression.

When we compare the overall understanding of this situation as a play, it is appropriate.  Though it is presented as if there were unbalanced authors writing scenarios to be deliberately acted out, there is more truth involved than can be imagined!  Presenting this information to you, it seems to come forth in a melodra-
matic tone and the immediate reaction is to refuse to consider that such massive delusion could be perpetrated on so many million people. Human nature is well known. Your reactions and beliefs are fully understood.  Nothing has been left to chance in this well planned game of illusion for the purpose of delusion."
Book 2

Virtual Reality Games

"There is only one race on this planet, the human race.  The varieties in appearance and belief systems are "no things." The extraterrestrials are visitors who have no desire to live here, only to enjoy the adventure of continuing your enslavement.  They are fully aware
that the planet cannot long endure the over population that they have encouraged so that they could play at their war games and perfect their tools of annihilation.  To them humanity and earth are like the virtual reality games your children in large and small bodies' play.  It is long past time to wake up and grow up into your responsibility to end their game.  Welcome to the real world that now surrounds you and is about to overwhelm you unless you act now."

Earth Colonizers

This brings forth the previous mention of an extraterrestrial group that are not only assisting the group planning enslavement, but in actuality carry great anger toward this planet.  These beings attempted to take over this planet not long after humanity was marooned on it.  Not comprehending the warlike genetic alteration, even though they had superior weaponry and control technologies, humanity repulsed them.  Retribution has been planned since that long ago time.  The control and enslavement plan has been theirs from the beginning.  That they come and go and confer with the hierarchy of the planners is kept secret, thus you have secret societies within secret societies.   Eternity is a long sequential time, and so they have slowly and carefully laid their plans over many, many years in your counting.  The planetary awareness of this presence, which could not be totally hidden, has been translated into "satan or the devil" and thus the tool of fear has been implanted and personified so that you hold it in your consciousness and resist it in a non-reality mode.  Those that have been influenced into being the stooges in this long-standing plan reflect the consciousness of those they consider benefactors and they in turn are attracted by the victim stance and consciousness of the rest of humanity.  They have not fathomed the plan that is behind the one they are being guided to perpetrate on their fellow humans.  If the total plan is allowed by humanity to be completed, the planet may or m ay not be habitable.  Those particular extraterrestrials do not care, so long as they are able to achieve their revenge.  Indeed, they are farther out of balance than earth.  There is much to be accomplished in the scenario that is playing itself out in these pivotal days that are upon earth and all her inhabitants.
Embracing the Rainbow (Book 2)

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About Us
The Dark Magicians
"The vision of the "Rainbow Man" and the anticipation of his
coming can be interpreted two ways.  Those of the christian viewpoint could assume it means the return of Jmmanuel (Jesus) or it could indicate the advent of a wiser and emancipated human population on earth.  Certainly it will require a wiser group to bring forth the new paradigm of human experience, thus the prophecy would seem quite clear.  However, it could also indicate both as true.  It would require an open minded and far less aggressive human focus for Jmmanuel to walk again among his human brothers and sisters in safety.  The distortions of his teachings would make it impossible for those indoctrinated in the current beliefs to recognize and accept him for who and what he is because of their current understandings and expectations.

The picture of the rainbow man/woman is an easy visualization to hold in mind for a depiction of the anticipated personal experience within the new paradigm.  It is important that meaningful symbology be adopted in order that the new paradigm become real in the minds of the those who desire this transcendence process to become a reality. It could represent the consciousness change from victim to victor through attitude and thought adjustment and a resting point in the midst of the confusion of change. This transition in how life is experienced will not come about without bringing about some internal chaos within personal experience.  This will be preparation for that which will manifest on a larger scale as this concept takes root and grows within the mass consciousness for it is a reversal in the direction of the journey of mankind.  It might be compared to walking down a long flight of stairs with a large group of people, changing your mind half way down, turning around and going back up through them.  When enough people also change their minds and start going back up, it won't be as difficult.  However, for the ground crew, who are the first to begin
this process, it will take purposeful intent with resolve to accomplish this feat.  Picturing this process in the mind's eye allows for the understanding that volunteering for this mission requires much dedicated involvement to plan, organize and arrive at the picnic for rainbow people."
Embracing the Rainbow


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How It Works
Zyac Method

Peet's Access Codes
6/30/12 to 7/8/12

Notice the code at the bottom left corner of the picture below.  I was standing in line to get my tea (or apple juice) and I was talking to this woman in the line in front of me.  I told her, "All communists are parasites.  They're itty bitty microscopic bugs you can't even see with a 5,000 power microscope.*  8.4 million lifetimes before the human birth again!"  Then I walked up to place my order and  I got this access code:


4 The Dump!  Hey, come back here!!  You left a HUGE mess!!  You gotta come back and clean it up!! (The message appears to be also for the materialist addicts who can't steward their own planet.) (Click the picture below to enlarge in a new window.)
*Actually, I was wrong.  All communists are not parasites.  All communists are sub-parasites.  They have to go through ALL the plant species before they can even be worms.  Then they go through the bugs then the rest of it, i.e. 8.4 million lifetimes before the human birth again.
Best Chemtrail Buster On The Planet!

Easy to make!  Video shows how.  5 minutes.
Update 12/14/13
I was involved with the Sikhs for a number of years.  Sikhs say there are 8.4 million lifetimes before the human birth.  I believe that.  If you really screw up, deny your "humanity", then okay, you want not to be human then go back to the end of the line - Go through all the plant species (if you're lucky) before you can be called a worm.  Out of all the planets in this galaxy of billions of suns, this planet has the biggest most arrogant screw ups in this whole galaxy of billions of stars.

"Some shall
indeed be denied manifested Life experience for what you would term long periods of time, as many opportunities to turn from their focus of separation have been given them."
pg. 59

And yet humanity calls for some god being outside of themselves to "fix it" and "save them."
"God as known to humanity on this
planet does not exist.  He isn't dead because he never existed.  Creation exists and has all the attributes of omnipotence (all power), omniscience (all knowing) and omnipresence."
pg. 44
Book 2

I once saw a picture of a little Chinese girl with a pet dragonfly on a string flying above her shoulder.  Her "PET" dragonfly.

"pet project" - How do you say "pet project"?  With emphasis on "pet" or with emphasis on "project?"  Read the following with emphasis on "pet" and perhaps you'll will be presented the understanding that this planet has been in a downward spiral with its humans in devil-ution (devolution) -
"Since the Creator of this theatre likes this particular theatre
and thinks of it as a pet project, this idea doesn't appeal to Him at all."
pg 1

What does a shepherd do?  He herds sheep.
"Instead they watch
through detached wisdom knowing that the ending will be a positive one, but with concern for how many awareness points shall move with the ascending transformation process and how many will be left behind to be shepherded through the process of another opportunity."
pg 21

"It remains for mankind to swallow the truth and to look to his focused source and chose to change his experience by coming into the knowledge, understanding and application of the laws that support all of creation.  God as known to humanity on this planet does not exist.  He isn't dead because he never existed.  Creation exists and has all the attributes of omnipotence (all power), omniscience (all knowing) and omnipresence.  The only worship required is the living of the gift of self-aware life within the laws that have brought each into the experience with honor and appreciation for the wondrous privilege that it is."

I have no doubt that planet Earth has on its surface (and in the D.U.M.Bs - Deep Underground Military Bunkers) the most distorted form of humans* in this whole galaxy of billions of stars.         *shells of humans in fact.  This planet is a PET project!!
"Since the Creator of this theatre likes this particular theatre
and thinks of it as a pet project, this idea doesn't appeal to Him at all. Since He is not in the business of standing in the way of the creative presentations that are produced within its confines, then He is hoping that the audience will decide to make changes of
their own. There is a type of presentation that involves participation of the audience other than just sitting and observing. The theatre entrepreneur is wondering whether if the play being pre- sented becomes obnoxious enough to the audience, will they simply walk away and withdraw their attention? This would then allow the cast and its directors to destroy themselves, but then the theatre owner does not want his property destroyed along with them. He is hoping that the audience will come up with some other solution. Perhaps there could be audience participation that would perhaps introduce some new characters that would create lines of script of their own. If a new story line could be introduced with characters that could change the ending, then the performance could be a comedy or a mystery or a love story rather than a tragedy. Maybe audience participation could indeed create a whole new genre of experience."

"You can rest assured that the observers of the play upon the stage of planet Earth are not laughing at the similar scenes as they pass through your manifested reality. Instead they watch through detached wisdom knowing that the ending will be a positive one, but with concern for how many awareness points shall move with the ascending transformation process and how many will be left behind to be shepherded through the process of another opportunity. It shall be a great relief to these when the Earth experience in this particular point of focus will have been completed. Just how it shall all come together has become of major interest, for indeed you have created your own grand and spectacular stage play. The story line is quite unique, something like "The Perils of Pauline of the Galaxy." 

Everyone thinks, "oh yes, I'll just come back to the human birth again and again."  Oh yeah???  You create and perpetrate the distortions (essentially throwing your humanity away) and think you're going to have the privilege of human birth again? What "format" do you choose?  Do you have a choice?  Have you done what's necessary to warrant a choice?  Lester Levenson, a western master said at the time in one of his books that most people have to come back millions of years.  He didn't say what kind of bodies they would get.

"Without balance of the 3rd dimensional experience you could not exist in higher dimensions in your body format and current self-awareness."

"However choosing not to participate does have its consequences. Those who choose deliberately to withhold their participation in ending the present paradigm will be allowed to continue it elsewhere in a somewhat different format."

Lets see it in full context: If you choose the old paradigm do you have a choice of "format"?  Is "allowed to choose their mode of experience" in reference to "allowed to choose their mode of experience", either the old paradigm or the new paradigm?
"Again we remind you that freewill allows those who choose
to remain in the pattern of present existence. Do not be concerned with those. The ingredient of freewill in the soup of experience teaches us another of the Universal Laws, that of Allowance. Personal responsibility is just that-PERSONAL. It means that one is concerned with the choosing of his/her own experience and is not responsible for the experience of others. All are allowed to participate within a group focus of cooperative experience or not.  However choosing not to participate does have its consequences. Those who choose deliberately to withhold their participation in ending the present paradigm will be allowed to continue it elsewhere in a somewhat different format. They are allowed to choose their mode of experience in this situation. Allowance is the most difficult of the laws to be learned at the 3rd dimensional level because of the deeply ingrained need to control. Control is transcended through the practice of the Law of

I tell them matter-of-factly, "Sure, you can go to hell. But don't worry!!,  "It is not a burning hell as used to frighten you into submission, but a space of separation to consider and to contemplate."

If you choose the old pattern of existence, the old paradigm, planetary enslavement, you have no choice of format. "Eternity, as this cosmic cycle is
called, is a very long sequential time in your counting to learn lessons ignored and refused."

"There are many puzzle pieces within these lessons that will be assembled by each serious endeavor to do so. Amazingly these completed puzzles will each be a unique piece that will fit into the puzzle at the next level. You exist within a dimensional whole. Even the pieces are dimensional rather than flat."

The Jesuits

Jordan Maxwell on Whistle Blower radio spoke of the Jesuits. Apparently the "black pope" is the pope in charge of the Jesuits and the Jesuits are the military arm of the Catholic organization. And even major secret spy groups take orders from the Vatican. I know that many "new world order" folks (including many at the pentagon) are very much involved with the occult, and it's signs and symbols. Perhaps they would be interested in this symbology!!......

As an introduction to what follows I would like to say I have 4 ultra-dimensional (upper dimensional) team members, 3 women and a blue man.  I believe they have been with me all my life though I have only recently been aware of them (this time.)

I joined the soccer team the first year we had soccer at our High School when I was a sophomore. At that time, Jesuit High School, an all boy catholic school was one of the best teams in the state, in the top 3 or 4 in Oregon. My school, David Douglas was probably 3rd or 4th from the bottom in soccer team ranking
: - ).

My 3rd year playing soccer, when I was a senior, I was positioned at left wing, that's the player on the far left of the offensive line. One day we played Jesuit High School and during that game I kicked the corner kicks. Normally the guy kicking the corner kick makes it a high kick and then the team mates in the center kick the ball into the goal or head the ball into the goal. That's the idea anyway. Sometimes the corner kicker (me) can curve the ball right into the goal without touching anybody or bouncing off someone. This type of goal is very rare.  A defender at "the post" of the goal is there to prevent that kind of goal from happening. I'm not sure what happened to the guy at the Jesuit corner post, and I don't know how I did it, (my ultra-dimensional team played a foot in it) but on 4 corner kicks that game against the Jesuits I kicked the ball into the Jesuit goal, just curved right into the goal (4 times!) and we beat the Jesuits.  (So what do you think of that symbology, New World Order?)

I have 4 ultra-dimensional team members.  4 goals scored.  My 4 upper dimensional team members and I scored the goals and we beat the Jesuits.

R W Purviance