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Purviance Pyramids are patent pending.
Make A Purviance Pyramid for personal use.

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Pyramid Connections Details
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7:45 AM  5/17/13
More clouds start to come in now.
Now 8:10 AM, 15 minutes later

How It Works
Zyac Method

Purviance Pyramid Basic Construction
Video shows how!
Message Confirms
Purviance Pyramid
Best Chemtrail Buster On The Planet!

Easy to make!  Video shows how.  5 minutes.
Boost Effectiveness!! Simple, easy to make Power Poles - Video

Boost Effectiveness!! Simple, Easy To Make Power Poles - Video

3 Chemtrail Jets In 3 Minutes!!
40 Chem Jets An Hour
Washing your Purviance Pyramid is all you have to do!!  Wash your Purviance Pyramid and it will clear the air for 150 mile radius.  Saves the bees!  Gets rid of chemtrails.  Just keep your Purviance Pyramid in your back yard open to the sky above and wash it once a week, or maybe even only once or twice a month.
Is that a contrail?  Does that look like water vapor to you?
Click picture to see video.