"As usual, you are being reminded that unless you create a
plug and pull it, some other backup plan will be employed that
will bypass the opportunity for humanity to clean-up their own
act and use it as a stepping stone for advancement. We continue
to stress the power that you hold in the palm of your hands. It is
such a gift to be in the position of assisting this planet and its
inhabitants into a shift of such major proportion and it carries
with it an opportunity for literally jumping up the vibratory
scale. We can only bring the opportunity to your attention and
act in an advisory capacity. You must be the ones to do it. It is
not the first time you have participated in similar roles. This is
the mission you have literally trained yourself to take part in, so
don't drop the ball now. There is nothing more important in your
current realm of experience."
pg 159  Handbook

"Considering possibilities within your own life experience is self-
contemplation, again within the expansive flow of experience.
Does the focus of applying the law of attraction and deliberate
manifestation of the opportunity for the weaknesses in their
plans to expand include the destruction of the ones who would
enslave or end your earthly experience by their choice? It is sug-
gested to consciously withdraw participation by focusing instead
on an entirely different creation project that will simply tran-
scend the planned disaster. This would leave the perpetrators
holding the bag and experiencing the other side of the coin, as
fits into the experience of the law of attraction through their own
use of it. This would be a wonderful demonstration of the uni-
versal laws in concept and application."
Urgent! Mother Earth needs healing. She has a gaping wound at the location known as Fukashima. This wound is growing. The situation threatens your very existence.

Purviance Pyramids can heal mother earth but we must participate for it to happen. Twelve 3 foot pyramids moved around will show miracles. 24 purviance pyramids moved around the area will evolve consciousness.

The Purviance Pyramid must be moved early in the morning around 5:30 a.m. for the best results.  Move the pyramid 5 miles minimum open air.  Also, no obstructions to the inside of the pyramid or on the sides.  Needs to have complete air flow.


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Purviance Pyramids are patent pending.
(Make a purviance pyramid for personal use)

For any 6 month period of time, should anything happen to Ross Purviance AKA Ross Purvine, such as detained, missing, dead, disabled, where he is no longer able to make the Purviance Pyramid for a 30 day period, then the copyright to the Critical Point Handbook becomes public domain (meaning at that point anybody can copy and sell it) and the patent for the Purviance Pyramid becomes public domain during that time.

Purviance Pyramids - Wonderful Art!! Please support the "individual" artist by making your own Purviance Pyramid or with a purchase from Ross Purviance.

Individual art is a welcome change from all the impersonal corporate logos and statues. Supporting the purviance pyramid art supports individual empowerment.  But maybe there's more to the purviance pyramid than just refreshing art. Some believe the purviance pyramid does more than offer a wonderful aesthetic option. Does the purviance pyramid do more than make an individual statement? You decide.
Sterling Alan interviews Ross Purviance, Inventor Clears Chemtrails July 2012 Interview
Bees Stay Alive!!
with the Purviance Pyramid

Bees on the sidewalks of Los Angeles dying is very rare now since May 2012!

Mother Earth is a living being.  The bees, plants and animals and Mother Earth need our help.  Make A Purviance Pyramid.
WhistleBlower Radio interview of Ross Purviance, November 21 2012. The Purviance Pyramid Works!!!!  Very very well!! ProjectCamelotPortal.com
Chemtrails are a plasma field all around the planet the controllers infuse with an electrical charge so as to keep the positive energy from the center of the galaxy from coming to planet Earth at this opportune time.  The goal of this negative group is to keep this planet and her inhabitants from evolving.  The goal of this evil group (yes, I said "evil") is  to continue their control/ enslavement of this planet and all her inhabitants.

Chemtrails are also used for weather control, mind control, selling pharmaceuticals, and causing man-made earthquakes and man-made volcanic eruptions.
What The Purviance Pyramid Does
The Purviance Pyramid (a small 29" Purviance Pyramid):
-  gets rid of chmetrails. up to and beyond 50 mile radius!
-  stops man-made weather control.  No more Super Storms!  No more tornadoes!  No more hurricanes! (droughts? - need more research on drought attacks.)
-  helps save the bees from colony colapse disorder.  Fewer dying bees on the sidewalks.  We need more purviance pyramids to help the bees and all of Mother Earth's inhabitants.
-  stops man-made earthquakes!  The Purviance Pyramids on my RV (a 5 1/4 footer and the 27" blue pyramid you see on this website) prevented a catastrophic earthquake in Los Angeles 1 week after the Fukhashima Japan attack.  I and others saw "northern lights" in Los Angeles 1 week after the Fukushima attack and within 24 hours all they could muster was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake!
-  Stops scalar weapon (HAARP) attacks.  What is a scalar device?  "Scalar devices" look like antennas, like HAARP, and also the Purviance Pyramid!
Recent Article About The Purviance Pyramid Posted On Sterling Alan's Website
I highly recommend the free downloads at nohoax.com, "Handbook For The New Paradigm."
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